The Story Behind The Soul

    Meet Ms. Kyrié Hodges   

Owner of Karité Soul, LLC



Kyrié (29) is a vibrant, warmhearted woman who enjoys creative writing, poetry, and basking in nature. Deciding to become an entrepreneur was a task she knew she could handle, thus solidifying her dedication and strength to providing needs for those around her. One of her goals is to become an esthetician. Pursuing this occupation will grow her clientele and teach her new skills to share with every person she touches. Throughout her life, she has dealt with the pain and embarrassment of having sensitive skin. Her body couldn't tolerate the heavy and toxic ingredients found in most daily products. The advantage of working with nature became apparent around the year 2017. From her kitchen, she began learning and making homemade products that had an extended impact on her life.

Her mind was growing. 



Kyrié uncovered her passion for healing along her journey of self-discovery. She began practicing mindfulness and changing her lifestyle choices, and the results made her eager to share the benefits. Softer and soother skin was not all she noticed. Her mind began shifting, and she realized the connection between the mind and body. While going through this psycho-spiritual transit, she watched her inspiration and creativity heighten. The natural life became therapeutic for her. Learning new natural remedies and discipline helped her to manifest Karité Soul into the physical. Staying committed to providing products that make her customers feel top-tier, she became ready to share the recipes worldwide.

Her body was healing.



Kyrié gets her fuel by the constant thought of being able to help those with challenging skin complications and people looking for healthy alternatives to everyday living. She believes wholeheartedly in her brand and wants to leave an impact on every customer, ensuring that they will want to come back. The body's natural journey to self-love and inner happiness must remain pure and filled with nature's divine ingredients to keep a healthy balance between the mind and body. Bringing peace and awareness to those around her, she can smile, knowing she had an effect on the world.

Her soul was soothing.


"Grow the mind, heal the body, soothe the soul."